Rajshahi Uni professor Rezaul hacked to death


Rajshahi University professor AFM Rezaul Karim has been murdered within 5 minutes ,when he left home for the University on Saturday early morning Shalbagan area, near the main railway station of the city.He was hacked to death. He was a music organiser and editor of a music magazin KOMOL-GANDHAR .A brilliant professor Rezaul karim  taught English at the university.He was a Sitar musician and was trying to establish  music school.

2 killers came by Motorcycle and  swooped on Prof Siddique from behind with sharp weapons suddenly. They stabbed him from behind in his neck indiscriminately, police said.The motive behind the murder is not immediately known.

Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was way to the main road for the Rajshahi university transport at Battola intersection at 7:40am when he came under attack,Sushanta Chandra Roy, assistant commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police, told the journalists.

Boalia police station Officer in Charge,Shahdat Hossain said unidentified miscreants slit his throat and left him to diearound 7.30am.

Two years ago, another Rajshahi University teacher  open thinker and Atheist ideologist  AKM Shafiul Islam was similarly murdered.

Though his murder was initially claimed by Islamist radicals, police later ruled out that possibility. Police said he was murdered as a sequel to personal rivalry.

Two more professors of the Rajshahi University had been killed, a couple of years back.

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