Chinese town has been free from crime for 10 years despite being patrolled by just one policeman who is BLIND


Chinese town has been free from crime for 10 years despite being patrolled by just one policeman who is BLIND
•Pan Yong, 43, is the only policeman in Lanba, south west China
•He lost his sight to a combination of glaucoma and cataracts in 2002
•His wife, Tao Hongying, 46, is a security guard who helps him on pwhen_he_became_blindatrols
One blind policeman has managed to keep his home town in southern China crime-free for more than a decade.

Pan Yong, 43, began losing his sight in 2002 after contracting glaucoma and cataracts. Today, he is only capable of sensing light.

However, the resilient protector hasn’t let this stop him from fulfilling his role as the only policeman stationed at Ci Chong Police Station in Lanba, Guizhou, according to People’s Daily Online.
Based at Ci Chong railway station, Pan is in charge of a district covering three administrative villages and 13 smaller village collectives along 38km of railtracks.

The area has seen no criminal cases, public security cases or traffic accidents in over ten years, under the supervision of Pan.

Part of his success has to be attributed to the support that he receives from his wife, Tao Hongying.


The 46 year old woman is a security guard at the local railway station and assists her husband during security checks around the town everyday.
The couple have created what has been dubbed a ‘miracle’ in terms of public security and Tao says that she believes that ‘fate’ brought them together.

Although some locals attributed Pan’s good work to karma, the brave policeman has been familiar with fighting crime from a young age as he grew up in a police station.

Pan said: ‘I have a small position but I love this profession. My wife calls me a workaholic.

Loyal_Tao_46_believes_that_she_and_her_husband‘I just feel like I’m contributing more when I stand at my post, even when I don’t have to.’He continued: ‘Although I can’t see the trains anymore, I can still hear them.’I believe serving the community brings real meaning to my life.’ Pan admitted that he felt like his life was over when he lost his sight. However, when he married Tao in 2004, he felt his wife’s encouragement gave him renewed hope.

He said: ‘I trust her. When I hold her arm I always walk freely, like nothing can trip me.’

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