German Court Convicts Parents in Honor Killing of Daughter

Lareeb Kahn, inset (Personal photo)
Lareeb Kahn, inset (Personal photo)

Lareeb, a dental technician, who was described as a “bright and talented” young woman, had fallen in love with a 23-year-old man named Raheel of whom Lareeb’s parents disapproved. She was described as being completely assimilated into Western culture and spoke perfect German. Her parents had intended to arrange a marriage for her from their native Pakistan.

The court heard how Lareeb’s father entered her room one night and strangled her to death while her mother watched. They then dressed her, put her in a wheelchair and dumped her body down a hidden embankment in their city of Darmstadt.

Although the mother claimed she was powerless to stop her husband from the murder and “only” helped dispose of the body, Lareeb’s sister Neda, 14, who is now in foster care, testified against her mother in court, saying that she was the power behind the family.

The judge commented, “A woman cannot be so physically weak that she doesn’t intervene in the murder of her own daughter and instead watches it for five minutes.”

For his part, in his final words to the court, the father said, “I would undo it all if I could,” he said. “I accept any punishment.”

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