Hearing on war Criminal Militant leader Nizami’s review plea May 3


The Supreme Court of Bangladesh has fixed May 3 for hearing the petition filed by war criminal and militant Jamat e Islam leader Matiur Rahman Nizami seeking review of the top court’s verdict that upheld the ‘death sentence’ given to him by  Int’l crime Tribunal-1.

A four-member bench of the Appellate Division led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha set the new date on Sunday morning.The date of the hearing has been changed twice.

Earlier, war criminal Nizami’s lawyer filed a time petition with the court.

On March 29, the militant islamist group Jamaat e Islami chief Nizami filed the petition mentioning 46 grounds in a 70-page appeal praying to acquit him of all charges on which he was found guilty and awarded the death penalty.

On four charges of war crimes committed during the nation’s liberation war, including murdering intellectuals, Nizami was awarded the death penalty by the International Crimes Tribunal-1 on October 29, 2014. He was awarded life imprisonment on four other charges.

For committing crimes against humanity in 1971, the SC upheld his death sentences on three charges and life term imprisonment on two other charges on January 6, 2016.

The ICT has already issued his death warrant on March 15 after the SC released it’s full verdict. The following day, the jail authorities read out the judgement before the convict.

This review petition will be the last legal battle for the war criminal. If rejected, Nizami the top war criminal will have the chance to seek presidential pardon. If he does not receive it or opts to not seek clemency, the government will carry out the death sentence.

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